Using Facebook beyond the Classroom

Your students use it and they will expect that you do too. It seems like a no brainer to have a department or area Facebook site, but there are many different ways that you can approach social media. Sometimes I feel like I am doing so much prep to get my course online, that adding a Facebook page is just a step too far. Here’s a tip:
Have your students set it up!
I have found that when I put it in their hands to create a page, they take ownership, they post about subjects related to class that interests them and find ways to collaborate. I then post news or updates on their page, but don’t have to administer it. Of course, it’s good to check in regularly to make sure that the conversation is conducive to learning. Once class is over, they might continue with the page. A class that did this last year, began creating crit groups beyond the scope of the class and kept their learning dialog going.
Make sure you check on your school’s policy regarding Facebook or other social media before you jump.
Here’s a link to our area FB page set up by my colleague Brian Steele, which we both administer and invite all our students to join:
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