Comments, Contributions & Questions

We are hoping that this blog can be an active resource for sharing. Of course you can always comment on individual posts, but also feel free to post questions, contributions or comments here.


5 thoughts on “Comments, Contributions & Questions

  1. Thank you so much for all of the work put into this amazing resource. It was pointed out to me from a colleague that went to SPE in Cincinnati. Great work. (side comment: the link to the teaching philosophy “and a site specifically on writing a Teaching Philosophy:” under new links doesn’t work. A well articulated Teaching Philosophy is always a struggle. Everything else on the site was so pointed I would be curious about the link. Thanks again for making such a great site for conversation and development.

    Daniel Graham
    Professor of Sculpture and Printmaking

  2. I too really enjoyed your presentation at MWSPE the other week. I was wondering when Angela Faris-Belt would be putting up her rubric for us to play around with? I’m hoping to incorporate it into my final project if there is time.

    Thanks again for such a good session. It confirmed a lot of things about my teaching (validation is always nice), but also tuned me in to what I need to change.

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