Submitting to conferences: part 1

Attending conferences is an easy way to stay active in your field and is often considered faculty development. Submitting to conferences takes participation to a higher level and typically will be appreciated by your school – especially if they are paying for your attendance. One of the first things to be cut is often money for faculty development, so having an invitation to speak, will push you higher on the list for funding or might get you a little extra funding.

There are several approaches you can take when applying to conferences which might include organizing a panel or practicum, applying to an already accepted panel, applying as an image-maker to show your work.
• Look for conferences that are in your field or area of expertise;
• Regularly scan College Art Association or other big conferences for panels you might submit to;
• Organize your own panel;
• Keep an eye out for conferences that might have a special application for your school and therefore might receive special funding;
• Offer to be a portfolio reviewer;
• If you go to a yearly conference, consider getting involved in leadership or at least joining caucuses;
• Keep in mind that there are often regional conferences;
• Get some mileage out of your proposal, tweak it for other conferences;
• Being a conference participant often comes with a discount on conference fees, making your development funds go a little further.
• Just attending a conference does little for tenure review; presenting/participating does a lot.

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About seszucs

Suzanne E. Szucs is an artist, writer and educator living and working in Rochester, MN. A recipient of numerous grants and awards, including an Illinois Arts Council Individual Fellowship and a Minnesota State Arts Board Individual Artist Grant, Szucs has shown her work widely. To see portfolios or link to articles go to: or Szucs has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Having taught since 1995, Szucs has held positions at a variety of institutions, from adjunct positions at art schools and community colleges, multi-year positions at two universities and is currently a full-time Instructor of Art, Photography at Rochester Community & Technical College. Her experience includes teaching across the spectrum of photographic practice and history and working with diverse demographics of students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

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